The PH-S5000V and PH-K1000V are similar. Both use what Curitel terms a “mini docking complex” (MDC), which allows specialized accessories to be clipped to the back of the phone sideways. The phones’key feature, of course, is the 3.1 megapixel digital camera. Although it lacks an optical zoom, the camera includes a mechanical shutter for automatically adjusting to light and motion conditions, as well as auto-focus and red-eye reduction. It also includes a built-in flash.

The other main feature of the PH-S5000V and PH-K1000V is the included MDC module that offers TV receiver, video recorder, and FM radio functionality. The module includes FM radio support and both VHF and UHF broadcast television support, including both NTSC and PAL encoding standards, and is capable of recording up to 90 minutes of video from either TV broadcast or through the built-in camera, courtesy of the 1 gigabyte of internal memory. The phones also function as an MP3 player.

Both phones weigh 105 grams, and provide data service via 1xEV-DO over a CDMA network. Pricing and availability were not available for either phone.