TOKYO (AFP) – Japanese dog lovers will get to see the world from the perspective of their pets with a digital camera attached to their companions’ collars.

Toy maker Tomy Co. Ltd. will launch the 38-gram (1.3 ounce) “Wonderful Shot” on Friday at a cost of 9,240 yen (87 dollars).

It can take pictures by using a remote control, letting owners “enjoy pictures from dogs’ view,” the company said.

Or owners can put on a time switch taking pictures at intervals of one minute to one hour.

“You can check where your beloved dog is or what it is looking at while you are away from home,” the firm said in a statement.

The camera can take up to 90 pictures of 350,000 pixels.

Tomy will sell the collar-camera at pet shops and department stores across Japan, aiming at sales of 150,000 cameras for the initial year.

Pet owners outside Japan will have to settle for their own eyes for the time being as Tomy has no immediate plans to export the collar-camera, a company spokeswoman said.