LAS VEGAS – Talk about a shocker; Kodak pulled this one out of nowhere!
The Easyshare-One might just be the big digital camera surprise of CES. It’s only a 4 megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom and full motion video capture, but it’s everything else about this camera that’s dropping jaws. It’s got 256 MB of RAM built in, and a 3-inch touchscreen LCD interface (yo, it’s been a bit of a while since we’ve seen that), and that’s not even the hottest part. And check this: you can add a WiFi card (as a special Kodak module, which we have a feeling might be CF-based) to it to upload your photos right to the web, or even log in and view your Ofoto pictures on the camera. Plus Kodak sealed a deal with T-Mobile to make sure you can upload your pix from any T-Mobile Hotspot (aka Starbucks). Like all Kodak Cameras, the Easyshare One has a dock connector for easy printing. The Camera is expected to sell for $599 and the Wi-Fi card should cost another $100. Yah weren’t too psyched about the idea of a $700 4 megapixel digital camera either, but damn, would you look at it?