New framed opening to back of basement.

I was just looking at the pictures of the work I did on the weekend and it looks like a hurricane hit my basement. That’s probably part of the reason it seems to take a long time to do anything; I have to move something to do something else. Want to cut wood? Move the stack of lumber over to get the piece you want, then move the pile of boxes to get over to the saw, then measure, then cut… Next time I do this, everything is going into storage. Wait! That’s part of the reason we are doing this; to create more storage for all our crap.
Anyway, I framed in the space for the doorway to the workshop and found out that the masonry bit that comes with the tapcon screws was incredibly dull; it wasn’t that we had super strength concrete in the slab. When I used another bit, things went a lot faster. Go figure.
Also, put in the supply duct for the room by installing a take-off from the existing main duct run. Had to go back to the Depot for the correct size though as the original one was about 1″ too big. It was not a wasted trip since we got the sale price for the carpet installation (and an additional 10% off), something I had been putting off for about a month, since it meant we had to start picking colors and the carpet type as well. There was something about picking colors that seemed like a catch-22: need to pick the carpet color, but have to know the wall color. Need to pick the wall color, but have to know the carpet color.

New supply duct and bulkhead.

Upstairs it was much easier. We have had so much help from Kim’s mother’s friend Deborah, it’s been fantastic! She helped us with the original color selection for all the rooms in the house and everything works so well together! She gave us a couple of suggestions and on the way over to the Depot, we picked up some chips from the paint store and matched some carpet.
After installing the duct I framed in the water meter and the rest of the duct and cleaned up for the electricians.
Unfortunately I just got a call from the electrician and the guy who was supposed to do the work in the basement is sick so nobody will be working today, maybe not tomorrow either. I was thinking that if this was a full renovation, with many trades working, this would be magnified since in every trade, there would be issues like this. No wonder these things tend to go over schedule.