I got a chance to put up drywall on some other walls and got that up last night. Now I have to do the back wall of the bathroom and the wall for the furnace room.

Finally closed in the walls.

Looking at the rapidly shrinking stack of drywall (which is no longer mocking me, see earlier post); I am realizing that it is going to be quite tight on the number of sheets left to finish. I may have to get one or two more sheets to finish off all the bulkheads and other bits that tend to take the longest time. The problem is how to get them.
When I got all the materials from the Depot, I rented their van and my friend Chuck helped me unload the sheets into the basement. But for one or two sheets, I probably won’t go that route. Which leaves the car.
The car isn’t big enough to get a whole sheet in, so that leaves the roof or cutting them in half. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

So you may be asking yourself, what is that white rectangle

More drywall. Now you can start to see what the room will eventually look like.

thing in the middle of all the pictures? It is an inexpensive wardrobe for storing coats and things that we got because we have extremely limited closet space in the house. Eventually it will get replaced with something more permanent once the carpet goes down.