The carpet went in on Saturday and now is the first time I can vacuum in the room without using the shop vac.

The carpet looks great with the paint color.

I was glad that there were no issues with the carpet because the furniture / storage units we ordered are scheduled to come next week and then, finally we can begin to put away all the books.
We have taken a look through all the boxes that we have stored for so long and have started to throw stuff out that we really should have thrown out months ago. But we might as well do it now rather than just close our eyes and once again pretend that it isn’t there.

That is why the boxes are in various stages of upheaval; we

Wait, where did all this stuff come from? And what is that insulation doing there?

are trying to condense so that we only have to re-store what is necessary. And I have set up the miter saw back where all this stuff used to be so I can finish all the trim work and finish carpentry that has to be completed. Today I worked on the door for the electrical panel. It will have a frame that will enclose a mirror I will re-purpose that came from one of my family member’s old bathrooms. I also have to finish the cover for the water meter, but I have already cut the cover, I just have to add some trim to the outside.
The task for next week is to cut some baseboard for the edges so that I can get the furniture / storage in when they come to install it next weekend. Also have to put in a trim piece on the stair edge and paint that to match the rest of the trim in the house [Benjamin Moore ‘Palace White’ for those who care].