This week I have mainly been doing some finish carpentry such as baseboards (a pain) and the trim around the bathroom door (slightly less of a pain). I had to paint everything before I installed it so I set up a makeshift paint area on the washer dryer in the back room. And yes I used drop sheets to catch the paint splatters. It was still pretty crowded back there this week until Saturday when the installer from Neoset came back with the smaller replacement section so that he could fit the unit back flush against the wall.

The center section is smaller so that the unit will now fit flush against the wall.

The reason is was still so crowded is that there were still a fair amount of boxes back there, plus the miter saw, plus the shop vac, plus, plus, plus… You get the idea. So when the shelving was ready, we took advantage of it and spent Sunday morning putting books back and organizing other stuff which had been in the way for the past 6 months or so. I should say Kim organized the books by subject grouping and I just tried to keep getting the rest of the stuff organized so that the storage under the bookcases would be more organized than what we previously had.
Some of those boxes hadn’t been unpacked in a while so now we took some time to go through them and get rid of papers and stuff that had been hanging around for far too long. Felt pretty good to toss that stuff and Freecycle the rest of it. [Freecycle is a message board in Toronto that allows members to post stuff they they think others might want so it doesn’t have to be thrown in the garbage.]
Also last week I took the door for the electrical panel into a shop that does mirrors and glass so they could set in a mirror in the frame I made to size.

The mirror hides the electrical panel.

I painted it first and dropped it off last week. I picked it up and installed it with some of those European full overlay hinges (which allow the door to be flush mounted but still open up.) I also found out you have to buy a 35mm forstner bit (at the Depot) for this installation to inset part of the hinge. This bit will now fall to the bottom of my toolbox where it will lie undisturbed for years as I will probably not install this type of hinge in the foreseeable future. Well at least it works… and the mirror really makes the space feel bigger as well.