SINGAPORE – Want more than just glossy paint on your nails? A new machine with a camera can paint a photographed image, whether a loved one or a pet, on your nails for just 2 Singapore dollars (US$1) each.
A group of Singaporean entrepreneurs on Wednesday launched E-Manicure, a machine with a camera that paints full-color images on nails in just 30 seconds. They say the resolution is good, and they can add glitter and sparkles to jazz up the image.
Surendren Apparoo, spokesman for E-manicure Pte. Ltd., acknowledged that similar machines already exist in other countries, including Japan and the United States. But he said they are mostly gimmicks, and that E-Manicure seeks to develop a regional franchise.
He said the company’s machine was smaller and lighter than others on the market — it’s about one foot wide and 2.5 feet tall — and each costs up to 6,000 Singapore dollars (US$3,570) to produce.
Several Singaporean businessmen came up with the idea after waiting a long time for their wives to finish manicures while on a trip to Thailand.