Gizmodo has a great piece on this useful toy for frustrated dog owners. The Frolic SnackShotz Treat Launcher is a new way to play fetch with your dog. Load up one of the specially designed Discos Flying Dog Treats into this dog biscuit pistol, pull the trigger, and boom! It will launch those babies up to 12 feet. Spot will go nuts when he sees these 100%-edible flying dog treats zipping through the air. The Discos are available in three flavors, too: Beef, Chicken, and Mighty Mint to keep your dog’s breath minty-fresh. The product’s humorously-named parent company, Dogmatic, asserts that this biscuit launcher helps to fight against pet obesity by encouraging your pet to be active. There are no specifics on how many calories each Disco contains, though—so be wary all you calorie-counting dogs. Take a look at the demonstration video of SnackShotz in action