Ok, I know it may be a bit of a stretch, but in the spirit of carrying on, I am going to try to document a project we will be working on this summer. We are going to put in a patio, retaining wall and brick paver path. I guess it is sort of a ‘reno:’ we are ripping out some stuff to allow us to put in what we want. So what if it is only grass and plants (not drywall and studs)…
For those who haven’t seen, I constructed a two-level deck

In this picture the deck is about 90% done

about 2 years ago and of course it took longer than I originally thought. Now we are putting in the patio and walk to hopefully tie it all together!
We went over to my friend Peter’s yard a couple of weekends ago to look at some of the materials he had in the yard and to get an idea of what was available. Too bad the weather was cold and damp. The rain was coming down sideways and we were just able to be out there long enough to take a few pictures and then back to the car to dry out.
Now I am putting together a plan so that we can figure out not only what it will look like but how much material we will use.