Well just before we went on vacation, I cut the last stone, dug the weeds, cut the grass and threw down some bark mulch so that we could see what the whole thing would look like done. Or 99% done. I just got a push broom so I could sweep in the “Polymeric Sand” into the cracks and call it complete. Oh and I almost forgot: I have to rebuild the little door that keeps critters from going under the deck.
While I was putting down the bricks, I also decided to run some watering pipe under one stretch so I could hook up the soaker hoses on either side of the garden, instead of running the hose back and forth across the patio. We’ll see if it works when I get it all hooked up.
So here are the pictures:

This is the shot from the side of the house.

This is the shot from the deck.

This is the shot from the back of the yard. New sod is coming in on right and the section on left of the path.

You can see the wall and the plants we put in front. Bark mulch helped keep the weeds down.

I got that shed so I could store some stuff that currently is hogging the basement space.

Winston enjoys the backyard now that there is less construction going on.