The new back door, which replaced the existing old screen and original wood door was giving us some problems. Mainly that the mechanism that controls the internal blind was sticking and binding. This mechanism is basically one powerful magnet on the external controller and one inside the sealed glass unit which raises and lowers the blind (which is completely inside the two sealed panes of glass).
When I looked closer at the track I realized that the track was held to the glass by a strip of double-sided tape (sort of like foam weather stripping). I think that given the fact that the door is south-facing, the heat of the sun melts the glue and the track comes loose.

You can see how the controller/track on the right side of the door has moved away from the proper alignment.

This however doesn’t help when you are trying to close the blind as the action of pulling the control lever up shifts the track off center which causes binding.
So back to the Home Depot with a call and they were great about calling the manufacturer Masonite and getting a warrantee repair scheduled. The installer then came over and popped in a complete new glass unit and took the old glass unit away.
So now we have the same system and we will see how it goes over the next few months…