A quick word on Word of Mouth Marketing

Voice is tied to relationship.
It works according to clusters- sticking together. Now this type of information can spread even faster online. The key is that you have to have something that your users care about- they must love the product

It must go beyond reason; almost a religious interest like the Firefox versus Microsoft fervour in the browser wars (Part 2). You have to use storytelling, what people want to hear more of.

Now all this cant exist in a vacuum; yu have to have a great product and be able to build awareness and excitement. In fact the move Crouching Tiger did this to great effect by creating exclusivity in its initial release by showing only to those who loved its “nightclub” type effects.

Seven ways to succeed at Word of Mounth marketing:

  • Know your customer
  • Have a great product
  • Be Open and Honest
  • Find a common Enemy
  • Get fanatics to use and love the product
  • Loosen controls
  • Love your customers