Do big things with small teams
Technology Mashups
Word of Mouth Marketing

1. Expose yourself to harsh conditions
o Less hardware, less features, less money
o Practice in stress, practice disagreeing, do things people hate
2. Be a Nomad
o Huns, Bulgars, Magyars, Pirates
o Nomads don’t wander (migrate only 2x per year)
o Martha Stewart’s smores, the value of hunger (always hungry)
o Hot or Not – made it free to force it to survive
o Bubbleshare (Albert gave most of his money to parents)
3. Efficiency
o Good to great , hedgehog principle (what is your economic engine), Google profit per click (profit per X)
o Strip away and measure – you make what you measure (put up metrics on the board
4. Say no to infantry
o Voltron – why start with the tigers, why not with giant robot?
o Infantry, cavalry, archers, (Roman idea)- Khan said everyone needs to do everything.
o Roman army 20 mi / day; Mongols 60 mi/day (limited by slow infantry)- very small Mongol horses, no heavy armour.
o Mongol bows more advanced (recursive composite)
5. Word of mouth
o Chanted and drummed for hours, could hear it for miles. Then stopped.
o Tried to fight on cloudless days. Initiated combat by flags, then at a unified time they’d scatterà not traditional attack.
o Gmail created word of mouth marketing (WuFoo – making forms fun!)
6. Do not fight the enemy by their rules
o built a wall around the fortress and waited them out
7. Appropriate the best people and skill for your war machine
8. Build bridges
o They’d marry Mongols with heads of state, then had rights of the Mongol state, not slaves
o Maybe don’t be as secretive- share it
9. Inspire fierce loyalty
o Employees, customers – if anything happens to you I’ll take care of your family.
10. Remember the lesson of the many headed snake
o Snake with many heads had trouble in winter finding a hole
o Snake with many tails found hole and was ok
o Stick you core competency- hard to find discipline, but stick to it.

Genghis Khan and the making of the modern world
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