Here are the latest numbers as I am getting into actually doing the work on
the kitchen makeover.

Knobs (bulk Pack of 20!, Lee
Backsplash embossed wallpaper (roll, HomeDepot)  $19.99
Silver paint (1 can, HomeDepot)
Sandpaper (leftover from another
Primer (leftover from another
Floor Tiles (Black and White,
Vinyl, Rona)
Melamine Paint (leftover from
another job)
PaintBrushes, tape etc.  $8.99
Blackboard Paint (1 can,
Benjamin Moore Store)
Mirror (IKEA)  $7.99
Trim for Mirror (Home Depot)  $8.00
Trim for Blackboard section
(leftover from another job)
Total $123.88   

OK, so I was over 100, but we added in a couple of things to spruce it up on top
of the things that we were originally planning. Like for instance the Blackboard
and the mirror. The blackboard paint is really thin and has a strange
consistency so it was hard to apply smoothly. The melamine paint on the counter
in contrast was like painting with glue; very thick, but hard to apply even
though I sanded the counter to rough it up. Definitely requires two coats to
cover well.

Now the good news is that we are back under $100 (even with the other items) as
we have decided to get rid of the backsplash wallpaper and paint, so when I
brought all that stuff back, it saved us like $40!

Its taken a fair bit more time because we were travelling 2 weeks ago and I have
waited until we got some nice days where we could have the windows open to do
the counter paint. It really brightens things up and streamlines the look of the
small (10′ x 9′) kitchen.

The paint brightens up the space. (The cake is courtesy of our good friend JS).

I have also taken some extra time to go back and fish some wire up from the
basement for the eventual under counter lighting which took a bit more time, but
fortunately I could use the holes that the original electrician put in the wall
to feed up the rewire of the kitchen. I decided to do this now as I am going to
patch up the holes as its been over 2 years since they put them in and we are
starting to get tired of them!