I got in today after a bumpy ride into Palm Springs due to the remnants of some bad weather they had on the weekend so some coverage of some of the companies presenting here this week.

A few that I will be talking to include a content delivery network startup called BitGravity for a while (and also Squidcast which allows users to share HD video in a P2P environment!) and definitely Ribbit which allows developers to add voice quickly and easily to their applications. It “lets you make and receive multi-protocol calls via Flash-based phones, provides speech-to-text message transcriptions and provides an open message management environment – all built using Ribbit’s open APIs. ” I will have to ask them about their business model… Giga Om’s NewTeeVee has some Day One coverage here.

Demo is trying something a bit different this year; along the lines of CES they are trying assemble some companies around the “Green” concept; but there are only two of them this year. Sounds like they are going to start up a potentially new conference in the future called “DemoGreen” but have to wait and see how that pans out.

My question is around the whole impact of this show. Given that it is in the desert and most of the companies here are using electricity to power their demos, could the show have considered some offsets to somehow mediate their impact on the environment? Aren’t most shows doing something like this now?