Here is the schedule for the first day.

People starting to arrive for first day’s sessions.

[‘The number of iPhones here is pretty overwhelming, but I’d expect it with this crowd. ]

Chris Shipley (Host and founder of Demo) gives a brief kick off talk:

Her update on state of industry:

·         77 demos this week out of hundreds that applied; representative of the market and direction

·         Why 77? Not really driven by raw numbers, but only want to present best products and wide range of ideas

·         Can’t just show Web2.0 products but it has to represent broader industry

·         All products are interrelated; Demo is about seeing connections where maybe none were apparent before.

·         All of us are driving new products and concepts, we create a new opportunity and put more demands on infrastructure or security etc. met by many of products here

·         More reliable CDNs, or security; whatever it is should be driven by customers

·         Software on the web often better than many of the business apps we use today; the general web and interface experiences have upped our expectation. Why the slow response and bad user experience from Enterprise tools like SAP?

·         We can get these web tools without a requisition, they are just available and people in the Enterprise are starting to use them as they help get work done more effectively (like Basecamp?!)

·         Communication- text, voice, video need to be part of all applications- seamlessly

·         We as consumers are challenging s/w and h/w providers to make it easier and easier.

·         We are defined by technology we use – but we need to drive good user experience for ourselves. The experience will matter more and more

·         How will you deliver experience to our customers?