Simplicity was the kickoff theme as we went through a wide variety of demos this afternoon; all the way from virtual desktops for the enterprise to teaching music over the web.

Chris Shipley noted that: “Simplicity on the other side of complexity. Making really hard stuff simple.”

A real cool demo was Sprout, that allows you to create flash widgets without being a flash programmer.

Simplify, Simplify

He wasn’t much of a technologist, but Henry David Thoreau had the right idea. We make our lives easier, and arguably better, by using products that wrap complexity and capability in simple designs and interfaces. DEMO will continue to beat the drum for practical products that work well, hide complexity, and make our professional and personal lives more enjoyable.

Demonstrations by:

LiquidTalk, Inc.Podcasting- better connect and engage mobile workers. Enterprise- manages content like recorded conf calls in easy to use interface. Synching technology – supports BBerry. Prod managers can assign different types of content to different employees. Can be used by reps (like Pharma reps etc.)
Zodiac InteractiveMobile content for the TV web- Mobile on demand. Send coupons to mobile phone. Can see content bricks on TV then can push to phone. Find new content. Not just on TV, but on Blu-Ray consoles etc. and an API as well.
Voyant, Inc.Do it yourself financial planning.
Review2Buy, Inc.Review a free mobile price comparison product. Wine comparison with reviews.
Acesis, Inc.Simplifies healthcare records keeping. Built on Flex and Adobe Air. Templated forms for doctors to enter information/ patient records. Can customize without professional services because in effect, it is user-generated content on a CMS.
blist, Inc.“Worlds Easiest Database” online application that has a more friendly UI for non-programmers. Competitors are DabbleDB , quickbase etc. [name is: WeBLIST]

Content Made Easy

As consumer-generated content become de rigor, we’ll want tools and techniques to create and deliver better looking, more stylish and professional content. Whether it’s presenting materials at work, delivering messages to friends and customers, or distributing content, these products give individuals the ability to communicate like pros.

Demonstrations by:

Flypaper, Inc.“Tell stories that stick on the web” bridges gap between PowerPoint and custom flash development. Using templates users can create rich flash animations that they can then upload to the web.
GoldMail, Inc.“Voiceover messaging” – uses rich messaging in custom branded player. Recipients get an email then a link back to the site where they can view the content. Simple easy-to-use creation tool, which you then basically do a slideshow with voice-overs. Not as rich as the previous company in terms of impact, but there is an email tie-in automatically.
Sprout, Inc.Web-based drag and drop environment for building flash files using Flex. It integrates with other web services such as Yahoo maps, Ribbit etc. Can publish and republish to popular platforms such as Facebook and blogger.. Can change the widget and republish and it updates wherever you have published it.

It’s Easy Being Green

Over decades, the technology industry has had a profound negative impact on the environment. With greater awareness, the industry is also poised to have a profound positive effect as well. We’re watching for products, technologies and services that are responsible to the environment and sustainable in the economy, with an eye toward a future DEMOgreen event.

Demonstrations by:

Green Plug, Inc.Is there a universal power adaptor?? Will recognize the device and just charge it. They sell a chip for free, software on the product side and they both recognize each other. Shuts off power when device does not need it.
Celsias, Ltd.First online collaboration site for climate change projects. Easy to put up projects on the site and easy to join whatever projects users want. Revenue Model: (in addition to Google Ads), they want companies to use it for CSR projects for 29.99/month.

On Research: Turning Ideas into InnovationsSponsored by The Kauffman FoundationAcademic research centers are fertile ground for discovery of some of the Next Very Big Things. With the support of the Kauffman Foundation, DEMO is again reaching deep into the academic community to identify innovators working on some very big ideas.Panelists:

Steven M. Barlow , PhD., Professor, SPLH
Programs in Neuroscience, Human Biology, and Bioengineering
Director, Communication Neuroscience Laboratories, University of Kansas

Ronald Indeck , PhD., The Das Family Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Washington University, St. Louis

Yannis Papakonstantinou , Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, School of Engineering, University of California, San Diego and Founder, app2you.comThis discussion with the two academics went on a bit too long and I got the sense that audience was tuning out.Virtualization . . .

Virtualization technology is at the center of more secure, more stable, more scalable IT infrastructure. These two products are leading that trend.

Demonstrations by:

Citrix SytemsStreaming virtual desktops- can roll out virtual desktops remotely with a instant on logon and no real difference than a physical installation. If users open a presentation the application is dynamically automatically provisioned to the virtual environment.
StackSafeVirtualized pre-production testing. Trying to eliminate downtime in software applications. Cost effective staging and testing platform.

…. In a Virtual World

From virtual IT infrastructure to virtual entertainment . . . why indulge someone else’s second life when you can build a second, or third, life of your own?

Demonstration by:

SceneCasterFirst social media content creator to share within the browser in 3D. Sceneweaver creates new opportunities for 3D media on the web. Full in browser 3D experience.

See it again for the first time

You may think you know these products, but we invite you to take a closer look, as each demonstrator unveils a new aspect that brings new dimension and import to these emerging products.

Demonstrations by:

Livescribe, Inc.Smart pen – part of a mobile communications platform. Just begin writing on the special paper, and as you speak it records audio. You can scrub to the audio you recorded by just touching the area where you started speaking. It even does translation as you write! Books $5 each, 2Gb pen for $199. Neat! (see the video here-
SeesmicCan push video to twitter as well as Their marketing material calls this “the twitter of video.” Not too sure based on their demo (but a whole bunch of smart guys, including Arrington and Clavier have invested so what do I know?)
MOLI, LLC“Next generation social networking sit” and can allow you to control multiple profiles in one account. Can permission each profile separately to allow access to each profile. Co-brand and whitelabel technology for Enterprises and SMBs. These companies can communicate with their customers. Can also add ecommerce as well (and the Moli doesn’t take a piece of the transactions!) Has reporting on visits, % gender etc. Also has video content. Like what else do they have? It seems like they have a lot of different pieces going on.

Demonstration by:

iVideosongsBrings innovation to music – “its all about the songs” they teach complete songs accuratelyIts about the people – the instructors present the songs as they were recorded. Original artists present the story behind the songs. Control – customers have complete control (non-DRM) to put it on their TV or mobile device.