The day is broken up into groupings and the first one is entitled:

“We’re Not Just Conference Producers, We’re Customers”Every product we select for DEMO is intrinsically valuable. Each will find customers, from enterprise IT professionals at work to families and friends at home. Yet, in every screening cycle, we find a handful of products that we want or need for ourselves. Here are a few from this year’s crop.Demonstrations by:

TimeTrade Systems, Inc.Easy scheduling to market. Schedule Now button in an email gives opportunity for easy response to meeting requests. Web interface to make it easier.
For the enterprise mkt.
It is a Leading scheduler company with corporations like Schwab usingNeed to update web cal and integrates with Google Cal and Outlook, so you can see existing calendar options
Iterasi, Inc.These days, can’t save pages which are dynamically created- “Notarize” but couldn’t one of the other app creators (or IE of FF) do this? How do they make money? Has search function as well. Can schedule a regular grab
LiquidPlanner, Inc.Project management- capture and manage uncertainty on schedules. Can manage at product and the portfolio with prioritization. Has document and collaboration management and workforce management
Citiport, Inc.Local (travel ) info, can interact and share info with locals. Not sure of the monetization or the competitive market for these services.
LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.Tag Reading System- get kids 4-8 reading. Portable reader kids can use, download books and upload child use data. Works with real books. Tiny camera and can read print in books. can read along by scanning with the device, even works on the pictures. At retail buy the books and then go online and manage from a dashboard. Can upload data and see the learning path. Good demo and looks like fun (at least for parents!)
SkyfireWeb-browser for mobile. Mobile on the phone is “so 1995” [What about the iPhone? What about flashlight?] It apparently brings the web version (not mobile version) to the phone. Supports JavaScript and all flash. Is it only Windows-based touchscreen phones?
Fabrik, Inc.New apps on Adobe Air platform. Need for storage (40M ext hds shipped). How do I find my information? Provide a central location to see stuff, but leave it where it is. “Jaggle:” It virtualizes the location of your content; as well as ability to share stuff. Drag and drop from wherever the images are including music etc. Could provide a new way of thinking about peoples files; no more need to think of what PC or website its located on.
SpeakLike, LLCTranslation in chat window. Uses automated and human translators. Over time gets smarter and faster. Can do multi-lingual simultaneous translation. Pretty neat but question is with most of these hybrid services is how does it scale?
STEP LabsVoice optimization for auto systems. Noise cancellation technology, but the demo didn’t completely work. Needs a bit more work as the audio wasn’t completely intelligible.
NotchUp, Inc.Helps companies cost-effectively recruit. The best people currently have jobs, but they are not actively seeking new jobs. Lets recruits set an ‘interview price’ How do you get the word out to recruiters to use this? Can import LinkedIn profile. Probably pretty good for the tech crowd in the Bay area, but maybe limited appeal in other areas.
Education.comSchoolfinder helps parents research schools. “Trustworthy” vetted answers to those questions
800 PBX, Inc.Personalized telephony service. With access to applications like weather and Yahoo. Speech recognition a bit like Jott?

Commercial break with a Heinz commercial (Message in a bottle), which segues nicely into the next topic area called:

Message in a Bottle“Well, maybe not in a bottle, exactly, but communication is the centerpiece of every modern application. These products drive to the vision of seamless, integrated communication capabilities for personal and business applications. Demonstrations by:

Toktumi, Inc.Makes small business look big. Like an office phone system, but uses the PC with hosted services. But like a VoIP control panel, with more customization. Had some problems with the demo, getting the service running.
Avistar Communications Corp.Video for unified communications. Can overlay web pages on a video call. Managing multi-party video. And also video enhancement
Santrum Networks, Inc.??
MovialMakes social media social. Integrates social media with telecomm. Instantly share social media with friends that are not connected on the PC.
Ribbit Corp.Developers can add voice to their apps easily through APIs. Unified directory (through Plaxo). Connected to OpenSocial and pulls info about caller into the window for more detail. Interesting stuff; probably an acquisition candidate (remember GrandCentral?)
LegiTime Technologies, Inc.Professional SMS client which improves utility of SMS for business
VidyoHigh quality video conferencing over general IP networks (because it was designed for the internet). Really impressive quality and a good review at GigaOm