Not really.There were the requisite B2C startups and also a lot of Enterprise or B2B companies in this session, but an interesting comment from Chris Shipley in that there is currently a category for “Social Media Companies” which will be dropped in the next event as this is becoming not a separate category, but integrated into every product that will be demo-ing in the future.

The Revolution Will Be Broadcast on the WebThe demand for rich video content places big demands on content producers and the networks that distribute their product. It also opens the imaginations of individuals to become creators as well as consumers of video content.Demonstrations by:


BitGravityMake internet powerful for delivering media. Experiences that rival television but are compelling because they are interactive. First broadcast quality content delivery network. Live video streaming HD, affordable and scales. Flash client , not download. Can use it as a DVR. Fast channel change as well. Good demo.
Cozimo.comCollaboration of filmmakers and clients. Markups that are designated by contributor, can chat and respond. Quite a few attributes and features. Can step thru all notifications on the timeline.
xtranormalGives avatars new life. From templates can do things like a talk show with avatars. Has preset actions and this is all in browser! And you can scan in pictures and map them on the avatars. “Movie making in a box”
Capzles, Inc.Social storytelling – empowers anyone to create multimedia stories. Time-based emphasis. Can be used by consumer brands to tell a story.

 The Social WebIt’s redundant, really.  Since the first pages were linked, people have been the driving force of the Web.   The difference is that today, people – rather than pages – are the center point of every application.  The Web really has become the greatest social experiment ever attempted.Demonstrations by:

HubDub, Ltd.Prediction markets, aggregation and social networking. Weird demo start with props (entrails and magic 8-ball). Predictions or forecast on how news stories will develop. EG who will get the republican nomination? Given $1000 virtual dollars to make a prediction. Can will virtual dollars. Users are news participants., Inc.Connects users to others research on the web. Place and tools to discover others research on the web. Goes out and looks at other collections of information on the web. Sort of like but allows cutting and pasting as well of text.
atlaspost.comSocial mapping network. Putting houses on a google maps mashup

  And the Revolution Will Be Paid for by AdvertisingYou thought you’d escape advertising by shifting your viewing from television to the Web.  Think again. And as Web video ads gain momentum, tools to manage and measure video advertising are in demand.Demonstrations by:

Liquidus Corp.On Demand Marketing. Production and distribution of video to channels. Pulls images from the web in turns them into flash videos.
TubeMogul, Inc.Ratings for video. Content creators can upload video to the site and the metadata. Can then push it out to the video sites in one click. Saves time in uploading etc. provides a single dashboard for tracking/stats. Can analyze demographics of audience. Helps provide more metrics for doing deals to get advertisers for content on line.
Visible Measures Corp.Measure behaviour of internet video audience. Can see what people do in each video like replay, rewind or leave the video. Good for advertisers to see also how other sites pick up the videos and blog posts feature the ad. Can also see geo-location who is seeing the video.

  At your ServiceTechnology should just work.  But, of course, it doesn’t.  We’ve become incredibly dependent on technologies that are inherently frail.  Whether an IT profession responsible for maintaining the infrastructure or you or me needing to keep our own computers running, we’ll all be gratified to see new scrutiny paid to the important area of product service and support.Demonstrations by:


support.comRemote support. Pc health check does a scan of the pc to look at where problems exist… What about if the PC is offline and they have to download the app? Gives a report using traffic signals and  colors. Then gives a huge list of things that could be fixed. Looks a little overwhelming at first, but gives a description of what each would do to fix.
Pathworks Software Corp.Customer service. Application called help stream. Customer service is hard to do cost-effectively. Looks like aggregation of web results, community and KB. Its also Free  !?…Not sure how they do this…
SupportSpace, Inc.Community based tech support market space. Community can then engage experts based on their profile and rating. Can do desktop sharing.

 A Different Spin on ServiceService is also what we do for others and this demonstrator is all about helping people find volunteer opportunities in their local communities.Demonstration by:

good2gether, Inc.Reinventing philanthropy. People want to get involved and it makes it easier to recruit the volunteers. It is free and the local non-profits can sell ads. Can share to facebook and email invites out to others. Hyper local content that can be monetized with partners. Connecting people.