The last afternoon sessions are hard as a lot of people have mentally checked out, so it is hard to keep peoples attention. Some guys came out and smashed a server with a sledgehammer (that got people’s attention) as well as one with a dog (yes, a real live dog) that fetched the presenter’s slippers. (?)

A couple of  highlights include Yoics which can connect formerly ‘unconnected’ devices like cameras and your pc to a mobile device.

Not Business as Usual

Forget heavy-weight applications, complicated deployments, and astronomical capEx bills. Software is getting out of the way and letting businesses small and large get things done. Demonstrations by: 

KonoLiveInstant collaboration. Keep working with the same applications you are used to. Immediate feedback from collaborators. Can see comments all at once of one at a time. Everyone’s feedback stays on the same page. With Video, comments stay on the timeline.
CHALEX Corp.Manage lifecycle of an asset from creation to deletion. Secure environment with SSL to upload images if required. Comments on each file and workflow. This is pretty boring and the interface looks pretty basic compared to some of the more flashy stuff I’ve seen here.
Huddle.netThis is funny, the guy has a Dilbert tie on. “Work sucks, but work with friends is better.” Simple low cost collaboration solution. They have a Facebook app that embeds their workspace .  Open APIs so other developers can build on top of the collaboration features.
Rove Mobile, Inc.Have 5000 customer for Mobile s/w for enterprises. PC mobilizer for consumers; see your desktop from your mobile phone. Access all files from your PC, wherever you are. Download and use right away, don’t have to learn anything new. Can also do things like edit files in photoshop right on your mobile (but really why would you want to?) But you can remote login to Support other PCs
Catalyst Web Services, LLCWeb based suite of integrated apps for SMBs, email, calendar, contacts, collaboration. Their suite works the way SMBs work. Unlimited user licence. Can define profiles for all levels. You can edit a excel document without installing excel.  No licences, no per seat, just pay on the amount of space used (10GB plan free for a year promo)
Sterna Technologies, Inc.BPS – Business Positioning system. Basically a dashboard for how the business is doing (and some predictive features for seeing upcoming forecast) Strange demo; had a dog on stage to fetch his slippers. Cute dog, but not clear why he was on stage?

  The Infrastructure for Next-Generation WebToday’s Web delivers applications and services in type and volume well beyond those initially imagined by those who designed the protocols, laid out the infrastructure, and conceived the use cases that would be the modern Web.  These new applications are stressing the capabilities of the Internet, so new technologies are coming to the rescue to retrofit the Web to support next-generation applications.Demonstrations by:

Asankya, Inc.Real-time media content delivery. Optimizes real-time traffic on IP.. Can do HD and live streaming. Prioritizes packets to that experience don’t drop. Multipath technology to deliver better experience. Can also handle two way traffic. Optimizes upstream capacity as well. Can be used for video conferencing or broadcasting. Launching new network (Hypermesh network). Can also deliver to home theatre (working with CE companies)
Kaazing Corp.Technology behind stockmarket. 20 year old tech, but reliable, and scalable.
Web is 1 way communication (but you can fake it – like meebo). True 2-way communication platform. If you have to send  a msg to 100k users you have to send it 100k times; theirs can send one message. Can turn anyone of the nodes into servers. Not sure I really get this one… the demo didn’t really go across that well
NirvanixGuys brought a server onstage and smashed it with a sledgehammer… Cool! Distributed storage in the cloud. “Storage Delivery network” Media transcode built into the service so you could serve a handset as well. Freedrive uses them (free 1 GB storage) Facebook app. Transcode automatically to flash to play in the browser. “Akamai + Storage + service.”
SquidcastCan deliver high quality video over the internet. Guys are doing a parody of the Mac/PC ads, complete with music. PC guy looks lame. With current services, can’t send big video files. Start with browser; create a package in Squidcast; and type email address of recipient. Drag video straight to browser. Click send. Completely free because they use a portion of users resources. Cloud computing environment.
Yoics, Inc.Take network connected devices and make them available on the net.  Secure client that looks like an IM client. Converts a PC folder to a virtual web server. Dedicated secure connection PC to PC. TVersity- you can access this music app over the web. Can view your PC files on mobile device. Can also access devices such as cameras. Can unplug and replug device somewhere else and it will still be live.

  Search PartyThe search market is moving in two directions:  one leverages human know-how to curate content, the other tunes smart algorithms to identify and categorize content into discernable results.  We explore both as viable means to find the needle of information in the haystack that is the repository of the Internet.Demonstrations by: 

DelverTakes social search to a new place. Gets results from your personal network. Problem is that results may not be authoritative because your friend may not be the best source of info on “non-social” topics.
HealthPricer Interactive, Ltd.Aggregator of health care products. Expedia of health products. Comparison shopping service. “No body owns health shopping space.” Need vertical expertise of how people purchase and the products. They don’t transact, but they refer and can track data and clicks through their site.
Eyealike, Inc.Copywrited items search on the web.  Find images (faceial recognition), and video as well. Problem: Studios can not identify their material in User Generated content and sharing sites. A variety of techniques to identify the content. Extracts visual information from the content. Kinda creepy the way it can zero  in on content really effectively
Silobreaker, Ltd.Gives ability to put context around context with a variety of tools, like trends. Neat network diagram and ability to drill down in search. Definitely a hit with the geeky search crowd., Inc.Extracts opinions from authoritative sources to organize searches. Search with a brain and a heart. Creates a guide – results that match the preference with a rating. “Me-Centric search.”
Jodange, LLProvides a sentiment analysis of commentary on the web. Problem: Too much information, but difficult to find what you want by keyword. Track opinion and sentiment about topics.