Well, the rumours abound that a new product is due from Apple that will once again tempt current iPhone users to switch to the new device. Is it enough for me to break my contract to get one of these hot little units into my hands?

Let me just say that so far this device has exceeded my expectations on a number of fronts. I call it my mobile window into the world and for the first time since I can recall (basically since I started using a “mobile phone” back in 1987) I don’t feel cut off from the digital world when I am out and about.
The app store has given users the ability to personalize the device in a way that is far more useful than ringtones and screensavers, which were pretty much the limit of customization a few years ago.
So overall I think this is far and away the best handset I’ve ever owned.

That being said, there are a few things that I could imagine are on the radar to be fixed. Number one is that for me, the battery life is terrible. I was at the Mesh conference the past few days and with using Twitter and other apps, the battery was dead at around 2PM. And I didn’t even make any calls!

The other item that stands out may be a bit easier to take care of; namely that the IMAP mail application often cant connect and mail sits in the outbox seemingly for hours which is extremely frustrating. Again this might just be an issue which can be covered in the upcoming 3.0 update, due out this summer.
So the answer to that question is that unless the battery life improves by at least 2x I won’t be switching to a new device.