Here’s an interesting item: have you ever wanted to take your WiFi with you?  I’m new device that runs on the cellular Data Network allows you to surf at broadband speeds and share your connection with up to five other people.  Now it’s not as fast as a cable modem but it does provide an interesting alternative to traditional broadband connections.
Where it becomes interesting is when you have an existing cellular data plan and are able to add this device to that plan.  You can use the device in your home and if your coverage area isn’t too big you can send share it with your entire family.  If you don’t surf a lot, and you’re going to use both a wired connection and this, it might allow you to actually get rid of your current wired connection [and WiFi modem] to save yourself about $50.00 per month.  The device itself costs $99.00 in signing up to a new plan after rebate.
Now it remains to be seen whether the providers of the service will allow you to add to this device to an existing plan.  And the range of the device is only about 30 feet. Oh, did I mention that are runs on batteries?  So it may not be the solution for every one but if you have a small home and travel a lot this might be a great alternative to allow you to surf through out the coverage area and save a bit of money in the meantime.