I’ve been looking for a Bluetooth headset for a while but didn’t want to settle for a voice only one- I wanted to listen to music as well. Problem was, my iPhone didn’t do stereo Bluetooth because up until 3.0, it didn’t support A2DP which is the audio standard the devices need to communicate.

So I though I was SOL because I didn’t see how Apple could possible update the device with software. But I was wrong! Imagine my surprise when one of the features announced at WWDC ’09 was stereo Bluetooth! I didn’t even think it was possible but Apple, being clever, built in into the hardware and turning it on became possible with the right software upgrade.

So that solved the biggest problem. All I had to do was wait. And wait. And wait until June 17th for the upgrade to become available so I could download it and install. [I always worry when I upgrade software on most electronic devices about turning them into bricks, especially something that I use as frequently as my phone! But it went pretty smoothly all things considered]

Now a bit about the headset. The Plantronics Voyager 855 comes in an attractive package, suspended in clear plastic within the main outer box. I carefully pulled the headset out and took a look. It appears to be made to a high quality standard and although very light, looks like it will stand up to daily use.

It came with several replaceable ear buds that should help fit most ears. Except of course mine. Now this is not a new issue – I can’t get any ear buds, including the ones that came with the phone to fit. I just have a non-standard ear I guess….

The unit comes with two over the ear clips and I am still fiddling with them to get the headset to sit properly and comfortably.

So when I pulled the phone from the dock all looked good. I paired the two devices really fast (with QuickPair technology, the unit stays discoverable for about 10 minutes and makes pairing a snap.) I made a voice call and the call quality was great- some background noise but better than I was expecting.

But to my surprise when I played music it didn’t play through the headset. I consulted the manual to no avail. I went online to a few sites and quickly determined that I need to restart the phone. Oh yeah! After this I turned the headset off then back on and then off to the races. Stereo music with no wires!

As I write this, I am wearing the unit and its so light I forget I have it on. I have had to experiment with different earbuds and I think I will investigate if I can get custom ones made to fit if I can find a source. So far no luck but I’ll take any leads/suggestions.

And the best part? I got it on Amazon for about $100 off! It came from an Amazon store called shopcell.com and they shipped it out same day. With shipping it came to about $42 which is fantastic and I am looking forward to more testing. Stay tuned!