iPhone 3G

I spent a few minutes yesterday setting up tethering on my iPhone 3G using Fido (actually Rogers, but that’s another story). It didn’t take that long once I actually realized that you need a few things to make it happen:

  • A PC (in my case a HP dv6000 Laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium)
  • iPhone 3G with the iPhone 3.0 or better update
  • iTunes 8.2 or better
  • Either Bluetooth (don’t have it on my laptop:<, or the USB cable from the iPhone)
  • 3G or EDGE coverage (not a problem in the city, but maybe in outlying areas)
  • A big data bucket!

The reason I set it up is that we are going out of the city and I want a way to check email etc without using (shudder) dial-up.)

So after updating my iTunes on Vista and restarting it was just a matter of going to Settings->General->Network ->Internet Tethering and turning it on. Then I hooked up the USB cable to the port on the side of the laptop and Vista recognized it as another broadband connection in  Network and Sharing Center.

To test it I shut off the wireless on the laptop and found that I could surf at a pretty speedy pace on the iPhone. Pretty neat although I’d want to be careful what I did online to make sure I stay within my data bucket. Well, not really because I have a 6GB limit, but I don’t want to be pulling down too many movies from iTunes!