I just got off a webinar that was put on by Neil Patel, Co-founder of KissMetrics and it was a great overview of what other companies are doing beyond paid advertising.

I took a few notes here; let me know if you have any comments!


Dropbox – Tried Google ads but it was a fail. It costed $380 CPA for a 99/yr product! Then they used -Tweet to get more space

5 strategies for distribution

  1. Integrations
  • Shopify 30k on their platform, Yammer 200k, Mailchimp 2m people etc. Dropbox 50MM
  • Leverage their platforms through integrations
  • Have to make your product better e.g. KissM with Shopify (analytics for shopping etc); Mailchimp integration – analytics on email
  • Measure your conversions and revenue- Salesforce has less customers but they spend a lot of money
  • Discover valuable integrations – customers will pay
  • Ask users about integrations
  • Make partner pages awesome – eg Zapier
  1. Work emails
  • Optimize Onboarding experience – Box.net: Invite others to get more space
  • Show people who they should follow –
  • Utilize invitiations during on-boarding-
  • Measure # of people in every company
  • Discover engaging interactions
  1. Embeds
  • You tube does it; slideshare; drives traffic back to their sites
  • Why should people embed? There has to be a good reason for them to do it.
  • Make it as easy as possible to embed
  • Track how well they convert- for optimizations
  • Test relevant call to action – after watching, viewing, getting people back to your site
  • Optimize for search but don’t obsess – links help with SEO
  1. Powered by
  • Qualaroo (formerly KissInsights), Buffer etc; you see badges everywhere. Powered by has to be beneficial to users
  • What are you powering?
  • Test copy of CTA
  • Test and optimize landing pages
  • Track views, clicks, conversion and LTV
  • Measure individual effectiveness
  1. Free Stuff
  • HubSpot’s marketing grader; can then pitch products; Inbound Marketing Kit- take their best content and bundle it to get an opt in
  • Map to customer decision making – must help them solve a problem (that also your main product solves)
  • Think about what you can repurpose – don’t reinvent the wheel. Create a kit
  • Educate your prospects
  • Test your ideas minimally (ghetto) – Don’t be afraid if its not perfect
  • Measure and optimize revenue –

Find out what’s best for your product


  • Best way to market with little $ is inbound marketing. Offer to guest post on other blogs (that’s educational)
  • Do integrations through API or contact the company? KissMetrics contacts the company first to find out the best integration to benefit both customers.
  • How many clients to interview to find pain? At least 30, but ideally 100 (doesn’t have to be just on the phone, but can be survey etc.)
  • How to improve retention? Track what causes people to be happy and what causes them to churn.
  • Grow conversions from free to paid. What causes them to pay? Consider blocking most valuable feature in the product. See what your competitors block and what they charge for.
  • Consider a free version of product? Can create an MVP, but doesn’t mean they will pay. First understand the pain and size of market.
  • How important is branding and how does it relate to growth hacking? Well known brand gives relationship opportunities
  • What’s best way to prioritize ideas on growth hacking? First column – impact (H-L); Second column – easy to do? Then optimize list for biggest impact for easiest
  • Are there channels that are unsaturated? Twitter ads – have good tracking and patience and can make money. Have about 12 months left before it becomes saturated.