Hoping to be the one-stop-shop for open IoT control, it joins up various new and existing connected devices in a user-friendly and powerful systemThe Internet of Things – where seemingly ordinary devices connect to each other and the internet to make them more than the sum of their parts (think fridges that know when you’re out of milk and then order more for you) – is still more a concept than a reality for many. That is steadily changing as more and more devices arrive on the market but, like the spokes on a bicycle wheel need a hub to connect them, those devices need to be linked up to be useful. Samsung’s SmartThings hub hopes to be that central pin that connects them all.Pros: simple setup, cross-platform, decent app, developer community, multiple standards in one box, unites your existing kit, adaptableCons: not compatible with everything, workarounds for non-natively supported devices will be difficult for some, Internet of Things still very early in its lifecycle Continue reading