This easy-to-use device measures weight, fat, muscle, bone and water, as well as heart rate and artery health The Body Cardio is the latest smart scale from French health and internet of things manufacturer Withings, which aims to analyse your weight, fat, muscle, water and heart health and take the pain out of tracking your bodily fluctuations.It replaces the Withings Smart Body Analyzer, which could calculate fat mass as well as measure weight, and adds a new reading to the scale – Pulse wave velocity. PWV measures the speed that vibrations from your heartbeat travel along your arteries and provides an indicator of the stiffness of arteries and of cardiac health. Related: Nest Learning Thermostat third-gen: the simple, effective heating gadget Pros: fast, good-looking, easy to set up, simple to use, multiple users, auto logs weights, easy to export data to certain apps, interesting assortment of readings beyond just kgCons: expensive for scales, data overkill for some, Android Health Mate lacks polish of iOS counterpart, microUSB not USB-C, shiny surface shows footprints easily Continue reading