Mind-Blowing Possibilities Created by 5G-Enhanced IoT

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We all know 5G and IoT have been making a splash since 2016. However,  we won’t see its standard commercial network until later in 2020. But now that the time has arrived let’s see what possibilities IoT and 5G will create together. Here are the mind-blowing possibilities created by 5G-enhanced I0T.

A Brief History of 5G

Now the question arises why it was hyped at such an early age? If you look at the cycle from 2G to 3G and 3G to 4G, it almost took ten years to get from one generation to another. Nonetheless, the same is the case with 5G.

The reason is how the entire standard body is constructed, it’s a very complicated process to introduce a new generation, though it works really well globally. But you need to get everybody on the same table, and agreements have to be made on every single thing — such as antenna, modulation, security, mobility, authentication, and billing.

You have the entire ecosystem there, that’s why it took years to build an entire generation of cellular connectivity.

Brief history of 5G
A brief history of 5G

So, 5G and IoT, it is a very anticipated idea. Both words have been pairing on the same slides since 2015. However, the IoT movement was first started in an entirely different setting. Then eventually, it was decided that cellular is probably the right answer for the internet of things to really take off.

All the other technologies have struggled with coverage, reliability, and liability, so there’s a legal aspect that we have been using and also the scalability. So, 3G has been rolled out and now its 4G and it turns out we could actually tune that generation to short wavelengths in such a way that it consumes very little energy, so we could put a modem in a smaller device and connect billions of cellulars to our infrastructure.

New Possibilities in Business World with IoT

The reality of a programmable world is just around the corner, and we need to make sure that you are ready to take advantage of the possibilities offered by IoT and overcome any challenges you might face.

The world is adapting and shaping around IoT technologies with a combination of 5G technology. Companies are preparing themselves for this constant shift to the rise of these technologies. Network operators, telcos, and IoT companies are coming together to promote an ecosystem, where customers can have a great experience with companies’ grants.

IoT on 5G
Possibilities in the business world with IoT.

With IoT, everything can be connected and measured, and if you can measure something, you can make a lucrative business model with it. So, there will be a ton of new opportunities in business model development. To monetize these IoT opportunities, this new approach has to be supported with the BSS known as Business Support System.

Think of BSS as a program on your computer that you use to manage your business and all parties in the ecosystem can work together on point sales to billing, to manage customer experiences and feedback.

The evolution of 5G technology will cause a fundamental change in the world of business. The internet of things is actually euphemistic for things that haven’t been named yet, for markets that we haven’t yet discovered. If you are not investigating this today, you are already too late. So, get moving, that’s how quickly you have to go.

A HeadStart for XR

Let us first breakdown some jargon! We are all familiar with AR and VR. Then comes MR as in Mixed Reality, it is very similar to AR with one key difference. Mixed reality allows virtual graphics to interact with the real environment around us. Finally, we have XR as an extended reality. To summarize, extended reality includes VR, where a view is completely in a virtual environment, AR creating a virtual overlay that now can interact with the environment and finally MR where virtual content overlays and interact with the environment.

A headstart for XR.

XR — let’s take a look at some primary use-cases for XR.

  • Improves collaboration between Internal & External design reviews.

    • This will take design reviews to the next level. It will be easy to spot virtual mistakes. It will give engineers the ability to interrogate and review models collaboratively.
  • Sell your designs more effectively.

    • In this digital selling age, we need immersive sales experience to connect with our target market. It will allow customers a customized and tailored version of the product.

The question arises, what 5G will do for XR? As it is understood that XR will be assisted by a wearable device connected to the internet, which will enable you to interact with a digitized environment. Now no one wants to work on a design with milliseconds of latency. That’s why XR is not possible without ultra hi-speed connectivity with zero latency. 5G and personalized XR is like a match made in heaven.

Brace Yourself for the Onslaught

Brace yourself for the Onslaught

As the IoT is exploding, it is predicted that more than 50B devices will be connected to the internet by the end of 2020.

Let’s see how you can plan your business strategy for the upcoming surge of technology.

Avoid Common Mishaps

  • Budget design.
  • Integration among teams.
  • Standardize data.
  • Time execution.

These issues are merely related to planning. As you are designing your IoT project, take the common mishaps list into consideration.

Enhance Your Security

Security is going to play an important role in the world of IoT. We all have heard of cases of data breaches in the last few years and how they are affecting the companies. However, blockchain can help you secure your IoT data.

Figure Out Your Data Storage Requirement

IoT is everything about data storage. It is the collection of a huge amount of data, and its implementation is what makes IoT a great deal for business development. Just go through multiple cloud storage providers for businesses and decide what’s best according to your requirements.

Expand Your Team

Many organizations will need to expand their teams to fulfill their IoT needs. Most start-ups out there lack the specific talent required for IoT enhanced environment.

One can always outsource specific tasks related to research, engineering, UI, cloud support, and security. With the help of freelancing or outsourcing, businesses can reach new heights.

Training Your Employees

IoT assures to give premium quality data. However, it will be useful, but on the other hand, your employees should be able to handle this kind of data. Though IoT will be helping them throughout the way. However, if you, as an employer or manager, arrange some training sessions or seminars for awareness to handle this kind of tech — it will mean a lot to your employees.

Your company will thrive under the combination of a proactive workforce and cutting-edge technology.

Rationalize Your IoT Project

Before you invest an enormous amount of money in your IoT project, make sure that it is the right time for you to jump in. Whether you are an industrialist or a part of a local market, if other companies are having great benefits from IoT, it may not be the right time for you as well.

Just don’t hop on the bus to IoT bandwagon just because it seems like a productive thing to do. Justify your IoT project or development and invest to solve problems not to increase them.


In the end, IoT is evolving at an instantaneous pace, especially when 5G is now at its aid. We should be careful while evolving this technology with many capabilities, like any other technology, it can and will be used in both positive and negative ways.

If you are not among the developers, you, as users or business people need to keep yourself aware of the progressing technology. If we aren’t preparing today, then you are already too late; that’s how fast it is going to evolve.

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