• Well, it's been about 6 weeks or so since my last post. For those who don't know (sorry about that...) we had a baby 5 weeks ago. Which explains why I haven't had any time to work on the basement or post anything worthwhile. His name is Thomas and everyone is doing well, getting used to lack of sleep, diapers, car seats etc. Thomas even has his own website. (I don't know where he finds the time to learn to type, read and blog.) So in between diaper changes and work, I managed to finally put up the sliding doors and paint them the trim color which we have used in the rest of the house. Like everything else in

  • This week I have mainly been doing some finish carpentry such as baseboards (a pain) and the trim around the bathroom door (slightly less of a pain). I had to paint everything before I installed it so I set up a makeshift paint area on the washer dryer in the back room. And yes I used drop sheets to catch the paint splatters. It was still pretty crowded back there this week until Saturday when the installer from Neoset came back with the smaller replacement section so that he could fit the unit back flush against the wall. The reason is was still so crowded is that there were still a fair amount of boxes back there, plus the miter

  • Well I guess you can't have everything. Just as I thought we would be able to finally start organizing and putting away all our stuff, we ran into a small snafu: I think that the designer who put together the plan for our furniture miscalculated the length and as a result, only the first bank of storage fit in, and the second one was too long. So as you can see here we put some books in and got the bathroom cleared out (that was where we stuffed all those 7 plastic bins filled with books until the carpet installer finished laying the carpet.) Actually it was Kim who put all the books away, by Library of Congress Heading categories.

  • The carpet went in on Saturday and now is the first time I can vacuum in the room without using the shop vac. I was glad that there were no issues with the carpet because the furniture / storage units we ordered are scheduled to come next week and then, finally we can begin to put away all the books. We have taken a look through all the boxes that we have stored for so long and have started to throw stuff out that we really should have thrown out months ago. But we might as well do it now rather than just close our eyes and once again pretend that it isn't there. That is why the boxes are

  • Finally, I moved all of the crap out of the main room so that the carpet installer could come on Saturday. As you can see, the room looks much bigger! I also installed all the recessed halogen lights this week which was a bit of a pain, but I wanted to do it before the carpet went in. I made a detailed drawing of where the lights should go in so that after the drywall went up, I would know where to put in the holes. I used a 3" hole saw to cut out the holes and then wired up the lights to the 14/2 wire that the electricians fed. The GU-10s look really good and they throw off

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